Pilot Program / Bridgeport-Trumbull Schools

Project Based Learning

Madison Elementary School / Daniels Farm Elementary School

Family Worksheet History

The African Slave Trade

Journal of an Immigrant

Grandfather's Journey

Separate is Unequal

Frederick Douglass Story

Last Five Stops at Ellis Island

Interviewing your Partner

Day to Day Assignments

First Five Stops at Ellis Island

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The Principals of Daniels Farm Elementary School and Madison Elementary School, Mr. Gary Kunschaft and Mrs. Rebecca Cabrera, have identified 6 teachers to participate in the pilot program in the spring of 2016.. The teachers from Daniels Farm Elementary school are Mrs. Pastir (3rd), Mrs. Littlefield (4), Mr. Johnson (5) and the teachers from Madison Elementary School are Kristin Dugan (3rd), Lauren Ball (4th), and Jessica Haynes (5th). The teachers will be engaging their students over the course of 6 lessons using the following recommended activities addressing Cultural Heritage and Immigration.